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Farita Beauty Parlour & Academy was founded in year 1974 by Farida & Rita.

Farita has forged ahead continuously with dynamic approach and is today recognized as one of the leading Beauty and Hair Care Salon and top notch Makeup Academy.

Treatments and courses are conducted under the personal supervision of Farida , Rita & Raheela who are trained extensively at London, U.K, and South Asia, in Beauty Skin Care, Make-up, Hair Colouring coupled with specialization in Aroma Therapy, Reflexology, Stress Management, Non Surgical Face-Lift, Removal of Scars and Masks and Pigmentation.

Our Bridal Studio & Makeup Academy headed by Mrs Raheela Shaikh, who is the second generation in taking Faritas ahead caters to Brides & Students from all over India & abroad.

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Faritas prides itself on being a total quality-team . What this means to us is that the skills of the entire staff are available to the guests at their convenience, not the technicians.

The Faritas experience not only makes you look good, but will also have you feeling great throughout the process.

Salon directors Farida Thanawala ,Rita Basrur & Technical Director Raheela Shaikh take pride in knowing from your first greeting till your last good bye, you are experiencing the fusion of beauty and function.